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A brief description of Student und Arbeitsmarkt

Student und Arbeitsmarkt, the career service of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), offers a study accompanying programme. Here students gain professional orientation, additional qualifications and practical experience. They increase their job prospects and prepare to work both in subject related and non-subject related professions. Student und Arbeitsmarkt carries out projects to improve the job prospects of graduates and contacts between the University and the employment market.

Our services at a glance

"It takes initiative to make a career" - Munich is Germany’s No. 1 business location. But does this help students to find jobs? “Not necessarily,” says Dirk Erfurth of LMU’s Career Service, “finding the right job requires initiative.”

Career start: “Students should try things out early on” - Off and running, or stuck in the starting blocks? Dirk Erfurth of LMU‘s Career Advisory Service Student und Arbeitsmarkt discusses job prospects for graduates and how to acquire the skills that make the difference.

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Welcome to our job site! This job site is the online job posting service provided by Student und Arbeitsmarkt, the career service of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU). We offer an extensive list of the latest internships opportunities, student jobs and graduate jobs.

Employers are welcome to post relevant vacancies to this job site. Please check out our terms and conditions for information about publishing a job advertisement on our website and job boards.


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For detailed information on internships and part-time jobs for students in Germany, please see our practical guide.