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English Trainings 2022

Dear students, due to circumstances we have changed our courses and trainings to interactive online offerings. Classroom events will not be possible in the foreseeable future.
Please also note that for organisational reasons there will be no course and seminar programme in the summer semester 2022.


All courses offered by the Career Service at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München can be booked independently. If necessary, it is also possible to apply for multiple courses each semester. The course fee for LMU students of all disciplines varies between € 10.00 and 110.00 per course, depending on the subject.


For the current course program of the current or next semester, please apply online with your LMU user ID for your selected course.


Please note that a course registration is binding and that the payment deadline stated in the confirmation must be met. Withdrawal will result in the retention of all or part of the course or seminar fee.


You can find more details of all courses and their dates on the internet, in the course of December for the winter semester holidays and the following summer semester, in mid-July for the summer semester holidays and the coming winter semester.


Voluntary examinations and certificates

In many courses, exams can be taken on a voluntary basis, granting you to a graded certificate. In addition, you will also receive a certificate of attendance from us that confirms your participation in the courses even without taking the exam. The prerequisite is that you have attended the course regularly (attendance list!).


Kurs Beginn Ende Hinweis
Project Management (AJ050) - Create and manage sustainable projects 03.12.2021 04.12.2021 Keine Anmeldung mehr möglich


Kurs Beginn Ende Hinweis
Vital Presentation and Rhetorical Skills (AJW11) 14.02.2022 25.02.2022 online training
Less stress - more resilience (AJW18) 24.02.2022 21.03.2022 online training


Kurs Beginn Ende Hinweis
Business English (AJW02) 07.03.2022 10.03.2022 online training
Vital Negotiation Skills (AJW13) 07.03.2022 18.03.2022 online training