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Premium Partner LMU Career Service

As a premium partner, you can either participate in our events (please note that there are a limited number of 25 places available) or get involved with one or more volunteer mentors at LMU Munich.

As premium partner, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • You are represented on our premium website with your logo and a short description. (We include up to a maximum of 25 companies on this page.)

  • Your career offer will enjoy maximum attention, as the premium ads are always featured first.

your logo

Link to your careers page

Your image ad

  • Your vacancy 1

  • Your vacancy 2

  • Your vacancy 3

Your text (up to 500 characters) in which you present yourself to our students:

Who are you looking for?

What are you offering?

What distinguishes you as a company.

Your contact details for students/graduates

  • You can send up to 10 free job advertisements per calendar year to a target group of our mentees that you define.

The cost of a premium partnership for 12 months amounts to EUR 4.900. You can book this offer here.

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